Using ReCaptcha with Laravel

Google Recaptcha in Laravel Application

Google ReCaptcha is a captcha like system. It assures that a computer user is a human. It is the best and most used captcha system available where users are only required to click on a checkbox and in some cases...

/ March 17, 2018

Creating a Cryptocurrency Telegram Bot API with Laravel

Telegram is a non-profit cloud-based instant messaging service. It is similar to many other messaging applications like WhatsApp and Messenger but offers great security. Telegram apps are available for multiple operating systems. Telegram released their bot platform in 2015. We...

/ March 9, 2018
Master Regular Expressions Part 2

Master Regular Expressions Part 2: Literal Characters, Global Mode, Meta-characters and escaping character

In this part 2 of the series: Master Regular Expressions, we will discuss literal characters, global mode, metacharacters, and escaping character. Literal Characters Let’s start learning the syntax of regular expressions with the simplest match of all, a literal character. In...

/ March 6, 2018
best laravel helpers

10 Best Laravel helpers to consider using

Laravel includes a variety of global helper functions. There are a ton of helper functions included with laravel that you can use to make your development workflow easier. Here, I will be writing 10 best laravel helpers that I use...

/ March 4, 2018

Create Code Screenshots from your editor using carbon and Polacode

Carbon Carbon is a free and open source library to create and share beautiful images of your source code. You can easily use carbon by visiting Either simply start writing your code in the box, or drop a file into...

/ March 1, 2018
Master Regular Expressions

Master Regular Expressions Part 1: introduction, history, engines, notation and modes

In this tutorial series, we will master regular expressions from scratch. Let’s start with an introduction. Introduction to Regular Expressions Let’s start with the definition of Regular Expressions: What are Regular Expressions Regular Expressions are all about text. It is...

/ March 1, 2018
telegram bot api and laravel

Sending Notifications to Telegram Messenger with Laravel.

Telegram is a non-profit cloud-based instant messaging service. It is similar to WhatsApp and Facebook messenger in features but offers great security. Telegram apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows NT, macOS, and Linux. Telegram officially released bot...

/ February 24, 2018
observer in laravel

Using Laravel Model Observers

Laravel Model Observers is a great feature. Observers are used to group event listeners for a model. Observers classes method names refer to the Eloquent event you want to listen for. These methods receive the model as their only argument....

/ February 19, 2018

Laravel 5.5 and Dropzone.js: Uploading Images with removal links

Dropzone is the most popular, free and open source library that provides drag and drop file uploads with image previews. In this tutorial, we will be using dropzone in our Laravel project to upload files. Furthermore, we will be writing some...

/ February 14, 2018
Top Vue frameworks

Top 10+ Best Vue.js Frameworks

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework that focuses on building user interfaces. It is available as open source. It is a very small lightweight and blazing fast compared to other very popular frameworks such as AngularJS and React. It is...

/ February 9, 2018