Laravel: How to Avoid TokenMismatchException CSRF Token on certain routes using a method


If you stay on one form for too long or you are using some third-party APIs, you get TokenMismatchException. Therefore, you want to get rid of CSRF protection for certain routes.

Removing middleware

Now, there are a lot of options. First one is to remove VerifyCsrfToken middleware from web middlewareGroups. But this will remove CSRF protection from your entire application. It is not recommended as it makes your application vulnerable to cross-site-request-forgery attack.

Using $except array

Another option that is very popular is to add route path in $except array in VerifyCsrfToken class located in app/Http/Middleware/VerifyCsrfToken.php. Maybe you want to remove CSRF protection for logout page. If you stay on that page for a long time and then click log out, it will return TokenMismatchException. You can simply add /logout to the $except array.

protected $except = [

It will remove CSRF protection for the /logout route.

Using a Handle method

Another option that is unknown to many laravel users is to use a handle method to write some logic to avoid CSRF protection for some routes. Let’s say you want to remove CSRF protection for all routes that starts with api/. You can do that by visiting VerifyCsrfToken class located in app/Http/Middleware/VerifyCsrfToken.php and adding a handle method. You can simply let the request move forward if it hits routes you want to be spared. Here is how you can do it.

public function handle($request, Closure $next)
    if ($request->is('api/*'))
        return $next($request);

    return parent::handle($request, $next);

if the request starts with api/, it is excluded from protection. Otherwise, we simply call the parent::handle($request, $next) and let the CSRF protection handled as before. You can add as many conditions as you want.

You can learn more about CSRF protection in laravel docs.

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