About Us

I am here to help you learn Laravel.

I am Hamza Ali, author of tutsforweb.com and Laravel developer. As a Laravel Developer, I develop web applications and I solve small and big problems. I try to help people who might face the same problems as I face during development by writing articles here. So, the goal here is to help Laravel Developers solve their problems.

If you want to contact me personally, send an email to mesherfree@gmail.com

Here is what my client says about me

To anyone interested in Hamza’s development skills, an opinion from
someone with over 50 years systems architecture, development and
executive experience.


Hamza carried out contract work for me between January and August 2019.
Apart from Laravel framework package development, he carried out
development of a high security cryptocurrency exchange for me. He had
access to over $11,000 of my personal investment on the site.


Hamza’s work is focussed, persistent, and in some cases extraordinary.
He asks questions when necessary, and when pointed to new technologies
and advanced techniques, picked them up quickly. Being direct but very
honest, I have learned from experience not to trust developers from
South Asia because as a Westerner there is a significant part of
cultures there I do not yet understand. That is not the case with Hamza.
His technical communication is as excellent as his ability to phrase
questions on problematic aspects of development. I trust him with
security access to my servers. He is helpful.


I am about to offer him R & D work for the next set of packages on my
cryptocurrency exchange.


Mike A.
CEO, AssetNet