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Best PHP Frameworks

Top 10 best PHP Frameworks for Developers

An overview of the Top 10 best PHP frameworks for web development to find out how to make your workflow faster and easier. Introduction PHP is a popular server-side scripting language designed primarily for the web development. Originally created by...

/ March 21, 2018
telegram bot api and laravel

Sending Notifications to Telegram Messenger with Laravel.

Telegram is a non-profit cloud-based instant messaging service. It is similar to WhatsApp and Facebook messenger in features but offers great security. Telegram apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows NT, macOS, and Linux. Telegram officially released bot...

/ February 24, 2018
observer in laravel

Using Laravel Model Observers

Laravel Model Observers is a great feature. Observers are used to group event listeners for a model. Observers classes method names refer to the Eloquent event you want to listen for. These methods receive the model as their only argument....

/ February 19, 2018

Laravel 5.5 and Dropzone.js: Uploading Images with removal links

Dropzone is the most popular, free and open source library that provides drag and drop file uploads with image previews. In this tutorial, we will be using dropzone in our Laravel project to upload files. Furthermore, we will be writing some...

/ February 14, 2018
Blade directives in laravel 5.6

Laravel 5.6 Two new blade directives

Laravel 5.6 will include two new blade directives. One for adding cross-site request forgery (CSRF) token in your forms and the other for defining form method. In Laravel 5.5 and below, you do the following at the top of the forms...

/ January 29, 2018
Argon2i Laravel support

Laravel 5.6 will support Argon2i Password Hashing Algorithm

In 2013, Password Hashing Competition was announced to select one or more password hash functions that can be recognized as a recommended standard. On July, 2015 Argon2 was selected as the winner of Password Hashing Competition. This hashing algorithm was designed...

/ January 29, 2018
Laravel 5.4 specified key was too long error

Laravel 5.4: Specified key was too long error

Laravel 5.4 and higher uses utf8mb4 character set by default, which also includes support for storing emojis. It only affects new applications and as long as you are running MySQL higher than 5.7.7 release or MariaDB higher than 10.2.2 release. If you are...

/ January 12, 2018
Model Factories in Laravel

Learn to Use Model Factories in Laravel

Laravel has a feature called model factories that allows you to build fake data for your models. It is very useful for testing and seeding fake data into your database to see your code in action before any real user...

/ January 11, 2018
Laravel Packages

Top 10 packages for extending Laravel

Laravel is a free and open source PHP framework for creating web applications. At the time of writing, it is undoubtedly the most popular PHP framework. It offers a lot of features such as authentication, routing, model-view-controller architecture, eloquent and...

/ January 9, 2018
Tap in Laravel

Tap in Laravel

In this tutorial, we will talk about tap in Laravel. We will discuss tap helper function and tap method on collections in detail. Tap Helper Function Old implementation Laravel comes up with a tap function. It is a pretty odd...

/ December 22, 2017